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Me ra ki [n]: the soul, creativity, or love embedded in your brand;

the essence of yourself that is put into your work.

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Welcome to a new kind of agency,where a bevy of expert designers, writers, and strategists are cultivated and handpicked just for you. We are eager to count the ways we can facilitate the most innovative marketing solutions for your brand by allocating the best creative minds for the job, trimming overhead, and pushing your brand into the spotlight.

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Momin Sheikh


Allie Guerin

Design Manager

Jillian McCleaf

On her first day of kindergarten, Jillian walked home with her nose stuck in a book much too serious for any ‘normal’ five-year-old. Since then, she’s been voraciously digesting content, but it’s her professional execution of the creation of such content where her true skill set lies.

With her BBA in Marketing from Temple University, Jillian infuses her copy with a strategic business-based approach that connects with the reader, building tangible value for the target audience.

Janielle Lucas

Growth Strategy
Janielle graduated from Rowan University in 2006 with degrees in Criminal Law and Psychology. Her first job out of school was building a marketing company via door-to-door sales. It was here that she developed her own sales/marketing strategy to help build companies. She was then able to transfer her strategy onto the financial sector, and built two mutual funds from 0-800 million under management in 7 years.

She looks forward to helping MerakiCMO grow efficiently and effectively.

Hannah Krupa

Communications Intern

Muin Saiyed

Product Management/UX

Our Team

works with the industry’s best Creatives.

We’re Currently Working With

3   Web Developers
3   Videographers
2   SEO Analysts
1   Photographer
1   Animator


We allocate the highest resources for each specific task, which not only trims overhead and time, but allows us to deliver exceptionally great work more efficiently. Meraki CMO manages each project in-house which allows us to control the quality and assure that a congruent message is being delivered to each and every client we work with.


Our Mission

We’re a company created out of necessity. The marketplace needed an agency that focused on ROI and creating real value for companies and non-profits.

We strive to be trailblazers in providing innovative marketing solutions and believe infusion of self and precision of services lead to the greatest brand transformation.

Our Values

To us, creativity is problem solving, and we believe in solving the impossible. We never settle for the first, quickest or easiest solution.

We’re more creative than most marketing agencies. More strategic than most consulting firms. And more digital than most creative shops. We help companies unleash their potential — in every campaign and across every channel.

"Mo is the man!"

"His team’s commitment to Philadelphia, its residents, businesses and non-profits is second to none.”

Jim Kenney
Mayor, Philadelphia

"These guys are rockstars!”

"MerakiCMO’s team are my go-to when it­ comes to any of my marketing, event planning, or creative needs."

Eileen Joseph
CEO, CareLink Community Support Services